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Testimonials from Clients for Dr. V.K. Porwal

Vedanta Arogya Kendra has received many testimonials from its clients from time to time. Some of them have been mentioned below.

I took acupuncture treatment from Dr. Porwal in Gurgaon. I suffered from severe cyatika and lower back ache. Through his acupuncture treatment followed by yoga sessions, my pain got cured almost 70%-80%.

Then this year I shifted to New York, USA. I thought that I would not be able to continue my treatment. However, Dr. Porwal started giving me distance healing after I shifted here. His scanning and aura cleansing greatly helped in my cyatika and low back pain and also detected vitamin and calcium deficiency. Following his healing, I have started taking vitamin supplements and have seen a marked difference in my condition.

Even now, whenever I suffer from pain, Dr Porwal gives me therapy from Gurgaon. I would highly recommend him to anybody suffering from chronic back pains and other ailments. I am giving my address and phone number below.

Ipshita Chakraborty
425 Washington Boulevard
Jersey City
New Jersey - 07310
Phone - 551 227 8535


To whom so ever it may concern

I have been facing problem of bursitis in both of my ankles for last many years, i have taken almost all possible treatment for last few years, but it didn't healed & pain in both legs got worse, then i took Acupuncture treatment from Dr. Porwal in his clinic, just in 14 Sessions, my Bursitis has healed almost 70%. For me Dr. Porwal has come as a ray of hope.

A big thanks to him for his miraculous treatment!

Thanks Again,

Best Regards,

Nikhil Kumar,
Sr. Manager - Global Projects,
Apollo Hospitals Enterprise Limited

I was feeling mild pain in my left arm with heaviness of chest and breathlessness during physical work form past three months. One day I noticed that pain had become severe and I could not lift my left arm. I was also feeling breathless and throbbing sensation after walking few steps. I was admitted in Umakal Hospital, Gurgaon & took treatment for Acute Coronary syndrome in IC unit for three days. Doctor advised me to go for Angiography & simultaneously Angioplasty, if necessary.

After three days I got discharge on request and took medicines for seven days, whatever they prescribed me and left the hospital to take rest at home. Incidentally I met Dr. V.K.Porwal who gave alternative therapies along with my medicines. After seven days I felt very good and all symptoms regarding heart trouble had gone. After that I took no medicines but I took one month treatment from Dr.V.K.Porwal, then I went for Angiography test. Test showed no evidence of any heart trouble. My life is going on well even agter more than one year. Whenever I think about this incident I am amazed that how Doctor Porwal did this job so wonderfully.
Thank God!

Site Engineer, Enviro Roots-Devices
Ex. Exe. Engineer, Maruti Udyog Ltd, Gurgaon
(Phone no. available on request)

I was a well known classical dancer of Bharat Natyam School who was honored with PADAMSHREE in the year 2001 by K.R.Naryanan then President of India. But due to serious Spinal Cord problem I had to under go an operation in January 2003 which was rather unsuccessful. As a result my lower limbs became paralyzed and I was unable to walk. I tried various treatments during the year 2003 to 2006 without success. In early I was introduced to Dr. Porwal by his associate Dr. Aum, a nature cure therapist Dr. Porwal then treated me for one had half year with his ingenious, almost magical Naturopathic treatment. After this treatment I have been able to walk with a walker. Sometimes I take a short walk without even the walker. And now I have been able to walk up a stair case with some assistance. During the period from early 2003 to late 2005, almost three years, when no allopathic treatment showed any improvement I felt that I could not probably be able to walk again. However Dr. Porwal’s treatment made all the difference and I am able to walk with a walker. I am sure I shall improve further in future with his treatment. For what he has done to me I consider him a genius and his method of Naturopathic treatment excellent.

May God give him ling life to serve humanity

Pushpa Bhuyan
Coral Court-1, Essel Towers, Gurgaon
(Phone no. available on request)

I was treated by Doctor Porwal for several chronic conditions related to long term stress. Doctor Porwal was able to balance my central nervous system, improve my digestion and fix a serious skin condition.

It took 3 to 4 months of natural therapies 4-5 times a week. Treatment consisted of mix of massage therapies, reflexology, sujok pressure point therapy as well as diet consultation.
I was able to maintain a heavy work schedule whilst having treatment and felt better within a month.

I would recommend Doctor Porwal to any one considering natural therapies. He is caring and professional with excellent knowledge of the body, muscular and central nervous systems.

I was able to recommended Doctor Porwal to my colleagues and he also successfully treated them for a range of illnesses and complaints.

I have had no recurrence of any of my illness and I am certain that if I neither was nor treated my health would have been severely affected in the long term.

I now count Doctor Porwal as a dear friend and have invited him to visit me in London.

Felicia Whiting
Project Manager
Mott Mac Donald

I was treated by Dr. VK Porwal for muscular stress and pain developed by jerky movement. The muscular stress was painful and restricting my movement to the extent that I could not even wear my socks in normal manner, driving the car was getting difficult too. The consultations with the orthopedic specialist did not help either in diagnosis or cure. I am nearing 65 years and submitted to remarks by orthopedic specialist about the ageing factor but the pain and restrictions were agonising.

I was motivated to consult Dr. VK Porwal who is successfully treating a friend for acute knee problem (otherwise recommended for knee replacement by orthopedics).

In a matter of five sessions of acupuncture over ten days I have been completely cured.

Ranjit Pun
General Manager, Contracts Section, Punj Lloyd Ltd, Gurgaon

Dr. Porwal is well conversant with a number of holistic methods of treatment. He was recommended to me by a senior army officer whom he had cured of a chronic back problem. I came to him with long standing knee pain (Osteoporosis). In fact my problem was very acute and I was to go for Knee replacement. He took great pains to diagnose my disease and gave me treatment with acupuncture. There has been a marked improvement. I am happy to recommend him to anyone who has a similar problem. His treatment is natural, safe and non-toxic.

I wish him all the best in his noble proffession.

Brig. D.K. Uberoy (Retd)
D-239 Sushant Lok 1
ph 9810171917

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I have been suffering from Ankylosing Spondylitis since last one year, due to which I use to have severe back pain and morning stiffness. I came to Dr. Porwal for treatment and after couple of months of acupuncture treatment I felt significant improvement in my condition.

Dr. Porwal has good knowledge of these therapies and keeps on trying different combination of therapies to treat the ailment. I wish him good luck in this endeavour and hope that more and more people will be benefitted by this treatment.

Amit Kumar
Manager, Bank of America, Infospace, Gurgaon, India

To Whomsoever it may concern!

I went to Dr. Porwal in July 2011 with a frozen shoulder. The pain was so bad that I could not even lift my arm to wear a shirt. Dr. Porwal was recommended to me by a colleague of mine.

Dr. Porwal did his magic and after 14 sittings my shoulder pain was gone completely.

I had tried physiotherapy also before going to Dr. Porwal but it only gave me temporary relief and after few months the pain use to come back.

Now after undergoing accupuncture treatment with Dr. Porwal I am absolutely fine. I have recommended so many people and they all are happy with his treatment.

Thank you and best regards,

Rajat Sethi

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