Vedanta Arogya Kendra's Pranic Healing Therapy

Pranic Healing is an ancient art & science to cure a diseased person by Ki Energy (Prana)

1. What is Prana ?
Prana means energy – the vital energy or life force that forms an outer layer to the physical body in all life forms. This is called ‘Ki’ in Japanese, ‘Chi’ in Chinese, ‘Pneuma’ in Greek and ‘Ruah’ in Hebrew. It is an invisible energy field that surrounds the body. It is more universally known as the “energy body” or “aura”. In Yoga, we call it the ‘Pranamaya Kosha’ as distinct from the physical body the “Annamaya Kosha.”  Kirlian photography has already  documented the “ aura” through high frequency electric field  photographs.

2.Prana and Healing
The energy body and the physical body are closely related so much so that the energy body is referred to as the “etheric twin” of the physical body. What effects one effects the other. Any disease aiming at the physical body has to first penetrate the energy body. A disease can be located in the energy body three months before it manifests in the physical body. While medical doctor treat the physical body to cure diseases, the Pranic Healer treats the energy body and there by effects a cure in the physical body. This is a “no-touch, no-medicine” healing system. It has no side effects. However, it must be emphasized that Pranic Healing is not meant to replace the allopathic system of medicine, but in fact to complement and supplement it.

3. How is the healing performed?
The energy body comprises of the `Chakras` (which correspond to the vital organs in the physical body) and the `Nadis` (which correspond to the blood vessels in the physical body). For perfect health, the chakras are to be balanced and the nadis free flowing. Any imbalance in the form of under activation or over activation or depletion or congestion of chakras, or block, leakage in the nadis causes the person to fall ill. The Pranic Healer scans the aura, the Chakras to determine their condition.  Energy ‘leaks / blocks in Aura are detected and sealed / opened respectively. Healing is done by cleansing the effected Chakras and Aura by removing  the diseased energy  and replacing  it with  fresh vital energy, restoring  the patient to good health.   

4. Where does the energy come from?
It is all around us, the Healer receives the prana with one hand and gives out the prana with the other hand. The fourth element is Divine Prana which is received by the healer through  his spiritual cord called “Anthakarna” in yogic terminology. This is situated on the crown of his head.

5. What can Pranic Healing Cure ?
Pranic Healing can be used to heal, alleviate and prevent all kinds of physical ,emotional and mental diseases . Below are listed some of the ailments that are amenable to Pranic Healing.

6. Physical Ailments

  • Haemorrhages, migraine
  • Skin diseases and psoriasis
  • Cardiac diseases
  • Injuries, cuts, wounds, fractures
  • Hepatitis, liver infections
  • Cancer if detected in early stage
  • Arthritis, rheumatism
  • Respiratory diseases, sinus, asthma
  • Hypertension diabetes
  • Stomach disorders
  • Spinal injuries, scoliosis, Spondyiltis


  • Impaired vision or hearing
  • Gynaecological problems
  • Gall Bladder- Stone, ulcers
  • Paralysis
  • Kidney disorders

7. Emotional and mental ailments

  • Depressions, Stress
  • Psychotic and psychiatric condition
  • Schizophrenia
  • Mental retardation
  • Cerebral palsy, Parkinson’s
  • Epilepsy

All physical ailments have accompanying mental or emotional symptoms and vice versa. Pranic Healing treats the disease as a whole for total cure.

8. Distance and Self Healing

Another very powerful aspect of Pranic Healing is the ability to heal without the physical presence of the patient. It also empowers the Healer to heal himself and another person thousands of miles away, only requirement is a photograph and the name of the Patient.  Time when healing will be given is also fixed between the Healer and the Patient.

Click links below to view the treatment progression:

At start | After a few days | Photograph taken on 17th August 2011, after 96 sessions of Distant Pranic Healing

9. Preventive Healing
One of the greatest benefits of Pranic Healing is preventive Healing. As mentioned earlier the Pranic Healer is able to detect disease before it manifests in the physical body and eradicate it.

10.  For Pranic Healing (Pranic Acupuncture) By Dr. V.K. Porwal & Mode of Payment, terms and conditions, click here

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